Bill 21- Teesri Duniya Theatre's Official Statement

Teesri Duniya Theatre Vehemently Opposes Law 21

Teesri Duniya Theatre vehemently opposes the passing of Bill 21. This law egregiously undermines the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, as it legitimizes excluding visible minorities, particularly Muslim women, and Jewish and Sikh men, from working within the public sector and from receiving public goods.  Teesri Duniya Theatre also strongly opposes the passing of Bill 9, which forcibly closed 18,000 Quebec immigration files without just review, and will affect approximately 50,000 potential immigrant citizens, who are largely visible minorities.

These laws come into effect in a time when discrimination, intolerance, Islamophobia, and violent attacks against minorities are pressing in the media and in everyday life. Instead of eliminating discrimination and preventing violent attacks, we firmly believe these laws fuel biases.

We at Teesri Duniya Theatre recognize the longstanding history of Jewish, Muslim, Sikh, and other minority presences making significant contributions to life in Quebec and across the country. To this end, we believe what our mandate as a human-rights oriented theatre company seek to resolve and reverse unjust socio-cultural biases and speak to our history of discrimination towards minorities. Teesri Duniya Theatre would like to reach out to the artistic and cultural community to join us in achieving removal of Law 21 and Law 9, and maintain action in solidarity with all those affected by these laws.


Teesri Duniya