Diversity and Equity in the Arts: Are we there yet?

I came to Canada from India. That was 43 years ago. India is an ancient civilization brimming with differences – 26 languages, 250 dialects, 29 provinces, and various territories, religions, races, ethnicities and cultures. While the social cohesion of India is injuriously threatened by today’s rising majoritarian Hindu nationalism – it is still the diversity that unites this vast country.

Diversity is as old a phenomenon as human existence. Differences do not create distance but rather, motivate equality – for it is differences that propel citizens to demand equality.  

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Teesri Duniya
Validating Prejudice is not Secularism - A statement by Teesri Duniya Theater on Bill 21.

Validating Prejudice is not Secularism; Teesri Duniya Theatre vehemently opposes the Quebec Government’s proposed Bill 21  posits a stance of equality and anti-religious secularism by  banning teachers, police officers, judges, prison guards, crown prosecutors and many other public servants from wearing hijabs, turbans, kippahs, and crucifixes while on duty. Bill 21 would also require citizens to uncover their faces when accessing public services like municipal transit and the legal system.

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