Recent Accomplishments

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 Teesri Duniya Theatre had yet another vibrant season consisting of indigenous and culturally diverse productions, play and playwright development, publication and various social justice events at the intersection of theatre and society. New staff was hired, new articles were published, and a new actor was discovered. We brought to the forefront, important indigenous issues and connected historically disagreeing Diaspora communities – Jewish and Palestinian, in a peaceful dialogue through power of theatre. Through the last two years, we produced a total of 3 plays, which included 2 culturally diverse and one First Nation play highlighting significant stories and brining new audiences.

Productions in review (2016-2018)

The Refugee Hotel by Carmen Aguirre, dir. Paulina B. Abarca-Cantin, Segal Center (October 26 – November 13, 2016).


Teesri Duniya Theatre produced Carmen Aguirre’s The Refugee Hotel, a moving, dark comedy which brings to life the consequences of exile, betrayal, torture and guilt, but ultimately showcases the strength of the human spirit and its power to heal. Particularly given the current refugee crisis, this play addressed urgent issues related to forced displacement. The play was performed in English with Spanish surtitles.

Là où le Sang se Mêle by Kevin Loring directed by Charles Bender under the mentorship of Liz Valdez; Theatre Denis Pelletier, (January 16 to February 3, 2018).


In partnership with Menuentakuan Productions we produced Là où le Sang se Mêle, French translation of Kevin Loring’s Governor General Award-winning play Where the Blood Mixes, which was first produced by Teesri Duniya Theater in 2012. Là où Le Sang Se Mêle is not a simple remount of the original Where the Blood Mixes, it is rather a remake that reflected and showcased a unique indigenous aesthetic in the Québec art scene. The production itself was conceptualized based on Indigenous tradition, from the staging of the play to the positioning of the audience.

Birthmark (2018) by Steven Orlov, directed by Michelle Soicher and Liz Valdez; At Montréal arts interculturels  (November 3 to 18, 2019).

Birthmark is a play that challenges mainstream depictions of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and youth radicalization in Canada. Set in Montreal, this dark comedy crosses the social and cultural divide between Canada’s Jewish and Palestinian communities. Cast included Natalie Tannous, Howard Rosenstein, Patrick Keeler, Stephen Spreekmester, and the newly discovered Dalia Charafeddine.


Fireworks Play Developmental Activities

The Fireworks Circle: A total of 6 plays were developed in the Fireworks Play Development Program. Deborah Forde led the program as idea-to page Dramaturge, while Liz Valdez acted as page-to-stage-Director Dramaturge, with Alessandra Tom as Stage Manager. Two of these plays were stage and read publically.


Eva in Rio by Gabe Maharjan performed by Trevor Barrette and Dakota Jamal, at Montréal arts interculturels, November 18, 2018.

Psycho by Oliver Koomsatira directed by Liz Valdez, at Montréal arts interculturels, November 18, 2018;


Other Activities

To Stand Again- A Staged-Presentation of verbatim play read at Le Salon 1861, (April 26 to April 28, 2018)

James Forsythe interviewed over 21 Syrian refugee families now living in Manitoba and Montreal. Over thirty stories were gathered, from which six took over the stage at Le Salon 1861. A verbatim play was presented from the collected stories, using a multicultural cast of four actors who spoke Arabic, French and English. Syrian families were present among the audiences.

Ways Forward: Listening Circle, (Studio 303, March 16, 2017)

To recognize and address sexual violence on campus and beyond, Teesri Duniya Theater partnered with Impacts McGill to hold an inclusive, group therapy style listening circle that addresses sexual assault on university campus. In this spirit, on March 16th, and in honor of International Woman’s Day we held Ways Forward: Listening Circle. The purpose of this activity