A Brief History

Founded in 1981 by Rahul Varma and Rana Bose, Teesri Duniya Theatre is one of the very few culturally-inclusive companies in Canada. It is also one of its kind in Quebec due to our production of plays by visible minorities, First Nations, as well as dominant cultures. 95% of our productions are groundbreaking premiers directed by leading directors, including India’s iconic director Lt. Habib Tanvir. We pride ourselves on the fact that most of our directors are women. Our productions range from Counter Offence, GG winner Reading Hebron (1990s), My Name is Rachel Corrie, and GG-winning First Nations play Where the Blood Mixes (2012) to dance-theatre such as The Encounters and international hits like Bhopal. We are also proud to have launched the careers of many visible minority artists and playwrights. New plays and playwrights are at the heart of Teesri’s vision. We exist to produce bold, groundbreaking and culturally diverse plays that provoke conversation.

"Teesri Duniya is one of the most unique theatre companies in Quebec’s distinct society, expanding its horizons, mixing social activism with art”

- Pat Donnelly, The Gazette theatre critic, (Sept. 2nd, 2009)


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Are you passionate about instigating positive change in the community? Join us in Teesri Duniya theatre as a volunteer and explore some of the various ways like-minded individuals and organizations help us achieve this goal!

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