2019/20 Season - “Are We There Yet?”

Corpus, November 13, 2014. Image taken by: Mateo H Casis.

Corpus, November 13, 2014. Image taken by: Mateo H Casis.


Diversifying Diversity..

Our objective is to make cultural diversity an imperatively celebrated aspect of humanity that can enjoyed by everyone.

Our Season can be described as Four Links, One Chain i.e. activities are divided into 4 interconnected areas that connect us to our mandate. These links of the chain are:

1st Link - Productions: (2019-2020)

Counter Offence by Rahul Varma, directed by Liz Valdez at the Segal Centre.

Counter Offence is collision of virtues: struggle to end racism comes in conflict with struggle to end violence against women. Counter Offence is a murder mystery, exploring, consequences of gender vs race and skin-colour.

Burq Off by Nadia Manzoor, directed by Tara Elliott at Montréal, arts interculturels.

Burq Off is an autobiographical truth-teller, divulging the good, bad and the utterly hilarious show exploring the glowing promise of Western life versus the glum realities of a conservative Pakistani Muslim family. Burq Off explores what it takes to evolve past the veil.

Honour: Confession of a Mumbai Courtesan, written and performed by Dipti Mehta at Montréal, arts interculturels.

Honour is a story of a girl child in a brothel, which reveals the truth of millions of sex trafficked-girls across the world. Honour is a multiple award winner including Best actress, Best Solo including Nirbhaya Award for showcasing women’s issues through Art.

Camille: Un rendez-vous au-delà du visuel by Audrey-Anne Bouchard at Montréal, arts interculturels.

Au-delà du visuel or Beyond Sight  is a creation project exploring how to create and communicate an artistic experience that does not involve sight. This play creates a space of encounter in which every individual is at the same level with or without visual limitations.

To Stand Again, Verbatim play by Jim Forsyth, directed by Liz Valdez.

Based on interviews of Syrian refugees, To Stand Again aims to bring both the challenge and the hope of these new Canadians.

2nd Link – Play and Playwright development and Readings

• A focused play development program for culturally diverse and indigenous playwrights

• Staged readings of new plays developed in the company.

• Workshop productions of emerging writer’s plays

• Mentorship of emerging and newly arrived Artists

• Providing internship opportunities for emerging artists.

3rd Link - Publication alt.theatre: for dialogue on culture, stage and the community.

alt.theatre: cultural diversity and the stage is Canada's only professional journal examining the intersections between politics, cultural plurality, social activism, and the stage. We are dedicated to documenting the work of underrepresented and marginalized peoples within performance, as well as critically engaging with the state of diversity in Canadian art. Through this work, we have succeeded in challenging the cultural norms of the performance industry, promoting change, and creating long-term discussions on plurality. This year, alt.theatre magazine celebrates its 20th anniversary as we take a look back to see how far diverse practices have come today. For more information and to subscribe, visit us at alttheatre.ca

4th Link - Artist and Community Program

• Sharing our Lives, Telling our Stories, Deborah Forde director.

• The Neighborhood Theatre: Afterschool Theatre instruction.

• Leave-Out Racism: Artistic response to Islamophobia, Homophobia and Otherness, Rahul Varma director.

• Public Education and Engagement: Lecture series, classroom-visits, community events with ethno-cultural organizations, book launches.