Teesri Duniya Theatre - 2019-20 Season

Corpus , November 13, 2014. Image taken by:  Mateo H Casis.

Corpus, November 13, 2014. Image taken by: Mateo H Casis.


Artistic Orientations of next season : Diversifying Diversity

Our objective is to make cultural diversity an imperatively celebrated aspect of humanity that can enjoyed by everyone. Our season is planned considering multiple factors without a compromise. These factors are: inclusivity, socio-political relevance, strength of text, performative quality and ability to engage communities. Plays must be of the highest possible quality exploring the human condition at its darkest and most pressing, but also at its brightest and most jubilant junctures. Our selection trajectory is four-pronged:

1. Culturally diverse plays on relevant local themes.

2. Global themes with local significance

3. Diversification into new areas: disability, sexual orientation, and mental health.

4. New forms, e.g. dance-theatre that knows no boundaries.

However, global themes mean less to us if local is excluded from the plot because community engagement is possible only if the issues are locally pertinent. Similarly, culturally diverse plays also mean less to us if they are dealing exclusively with material from the playwright’s ancestral country at the expense of exploring intercultural experiences occurring locally. We choose culturally diverse plays that maintain a dual vision of the world and transcend differences in culture, color, race, gender, and sexuality.

Our activities can be described as Four Links, One Chain i.e. activities are divided into 4 interconnected areas that connect us to our mandate. These links of the chain are:

1st Link - Productions: (2019-2020)

• 1st play: Counter Offence by Rahul Varma, directed by Liz Valdez at the Segal Centre.

• 2nd play: Burq Off by Nadia Manzoor, directed by Tara Elliott at the Montréal, arts interculturels.

• 3rd Play: Honour: Confession of a Mumbai Courtesan, written and performed by Dipti Mehta at the Montréal, arts interculturels.

• 4th play: Beyond Sight by Audrey-Anne Bouchard, a play on disability.

• 5th play: To Stand Again, verbatim play by Jim Forsyth, chronicling stories of Syrian refugees to integrate in society.

2nd Link – Play and Playwright development and Readings

• A focused play development program for culturally diverse and indigenous playwrights

• Staged readings of new plays developed in the company.

• Workshop productions of emerging writer’s plays

• Mentorship of emerging and newly arrived Artists

• Employment of Artists in artistic based community engaged projects

• Providing internship opportunities for emerging artists.

3rd Link - Publication alt.theatre: for dialogue on culture, stage and the community.

4th Link - Artist and Community Program

• Sharing our Lives, Telling our Stories, Deborah Forde director

• The Neighbourhood Theatre: Afterschool Theatre instruction

• Leave-Out Racism: Artistic response to Islamophobia, Homophobia and Otherness

• Public Education and Engagement: Lecture series, classroom-visits, community events with ethno-cultural organizations, book launches