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”Rahul Varma’s Bhopal, about the deadly explosion at a Union Carbide pesticide factory in India in 1984, is an urgent message in dramatic form.”

Pat Donnelly,

Montreal Gazette on Bhopal


“Rahul Varma’s Bhopal, with its mix of historical and fictional characters, brings this human and environmental tragedy into focusfor older viewers who may have forgotten and younger who may not know.”
Byron Toben,

The Rover on Bhopal

Letters to my Grandma

“The beauty of Roy’s short play (clocking in at a mere 60 minutes) is that the audience can easily understand and universalize its simple moral. Coupled with a devoted woman portraying the
depth, but also the comedic quirks, of each character, this tale made for an exceptional performance.”
Christian Favreau,
McGill Daily


“This is a one-woman show and I tip my hat to the actress, Sehar Bhojani, for having the courage to take on the challenge. RESPECT. It is not an easy feat to carry 4 different characters through the 65 minutes of the play.”
Carolyn Fe,
Curtains Up

Truth and treason

“…playwright Rahul Varma doesn’t spare anyone from criticism. Just as Americans are depicted as war criminals, Iraqis are depicted as a nation locked in a civil strife, torn between religious pride and a desire for peace and stability.”
Walter Joseph Lyng,
The Suburban


“ Truth and Treason [is] a new play about the War of Terror in Iraq that is not only engrossing but will leave you thinking once the lights come up.”
“ [The] panel discussions…makes Truth and Treason not only an enjoyable play but an important forum for open dialogue.”
“…in an explosion, the lights blasted onto the audience, making you feel more like a participant and less like an observer.”
Adam Avrashi,
The Concordian

The poster

“A week after attending Teesri Duniya’s The Poster at Le Bain St. Michel I still find myself debating the issues it raised, as well as its merits, with others who have also seen it.”
Pat Donnelly,
Montreal Gazette


“ You can’t beat a work which posits that theatre is redemptive for sending you into a brisk spring night warmed, a little dazed, and a better person for having seen it.”
Gaëtan L. Charlebois,
Charlebois Post

Reading hebron

“Audace, originalité et pertinence.”
Solange Lévesque,
Le Devoir

My name is Rachel Corrie

“Was it truly murder with intent or was it a heavy-equipment accident akin to recent deadly snowplow incidents in Montreal? Was Corrie as heroic as the tank man in Tiananmen Square? Or did the International Solidarity Movement, of which she was a member, recklessly endanger her life?
There’s no denying that My Name is Rachel Corrie is going to give a passionate Zionist heartburn, while offering a heightened sense of self-righteousness to pro-Palestinian leftists. But Teesri Duniya and Neworld Theatre are doing the right thing, offering talkback opportunities during the run.”
Pat Donnelly,
The Gazette

A leaf in the Whirlwind

“Dynamic response to broken world (…)Well-designed and beautifully performed, the new show achieves a hypnotic effect through sophisticated simplicity in telling the poignant story of a war-rape victim and her child. The unspecified border conflict is all wars where women’s bodies are used as a battlefield.”
Matt Radz,
The Gazette

Counter Offence

“Call it ethnic theatre, call it a message-play, but also call it real and current and in your face. As it spun its tale of an oppressed immigrant man oppressing his wife, it also managed to make the life of a white male critic difficult—it held a mirror up to even the most devout liberal and said, “You still don’t get it”. You don’t see theatre with this kind of merit, in French or in English, very often in this city or any other. It’s gutsy theatre that crawls under your skin and blisters the psyche.”
Gaetan Charlebois,
Montreal Mirror

Land where the trees talk

“… a brilliantly enthusiastic company … Langedijk’s work is a smooth flowing, well integrated piece of theatre that is not to be missed.”
Miron Galloway,
The Suburban
For you Jafroon

“Exuberantly performed . . . deliberately provocative . . . refreshingly defiant work and full of corny jokes, cheeky ditties and good-humoured clowning.”
Pat Donnelly,
The Gazette
Divided we stand
“Rings loud, clear, and very funny … best reflects what Canadian society may be tomorrow.”
Pat Donnelly,
The Gazette

Isolated incident

” Outstanding … really a triumph for the entire cast, whose performance ran the gamut from comic hilarity to tragic intensity.”
Oswald Bortolo, The Afro-Canadian
“ Lively agit-prop with a knockout punch.”
Pat Donnelly,
The Gazette

Job stealer

“I am not only bringing a message, I am taking one back to Ottawa.”
Robert Layton M.P.
(delivering a message from the Secretary of State)

“Thought- provoking and stimulating… it comes like a breath of fresh air! ”
Sujata B. Shakeel,
Hindustan Time