Rahul Varma

Born in India, Rahul is a playwright essayist, activist and artistic director of Teesri Duniya Theatre which he co-founded in 1981. In 1998, with Kapil Bawa, he co-founded the theatre quarterly alt.theatre: cultural diversity and the stage.

He writes both in Hindi and English, a language he acquired as an adult. Some of his recent plays are Land Where the Trees Talk, No Man’s Land, Trading Injuries (radio drama), Counter Offence, Bhopal, Truth and Treason and State of Denial. Counter Offence has been translated into French as L’Affaire Farhadi and in Italian as Il Caso Farhadi. Bhopal has been translated into French with the same title, in Hindi as Zahreeli Hawa and in Punjabi as Khamosh Chiragan di Dastaan.

Bhopal has been included in two anthologies published by University of Indiana Press and the Playwrights Canada Press. His play Counter Offence is included in the 2nd volume of Modern Canadian Plays edited by Jerry Wasserman.
Under his directorship, Teesri Duniya Theatre has radically changed the theatrical landscape of Canada by giving voice to peoples, cultures, communities, languages, and audiences eclipsed by the dominant national theatres.

He is a recipient of Special Juror’s Award from the Quebec Drama Federation and award for promoting interculturalism by Montreal English Critic’s Circle.

“An artist must push the boundaries, worry authorities, question existing notions of morality,question what is handed down to them by the status-quo, media enterprise and the governments, and bring to the fore the voiceless, raise the voice that needs to be raised, and do so with artistic beauty and imagination.”