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An artist must push the boundaries, worry authorities, question existing notions of morality, question what is handed down to them by the status-quo, raise the voice that needs to be raised, and do so with artistic beauty and imagination.




Oct 26 to Nov 13, 2016
at The Segal Centre for Performing Arts
Box Office: 514.739.7944

by Carmen Aguirre
Directed by Paulina Abarca-Cantin
A dark comedy about exile, love and the Canadian resettlement experience

Told from the point of view of a young woman looking back on her childhood,
award-winning writer Carmen Aguirre poignantly chronicles the true story
of a wave of Chilean refugees who are placed at a hotel in downtown Montreal in 1974, following the aftermath of the brutal Chilean coup d’état, one of the watershed moments of the Cold War.
While chronicling the true story of hundreds of thousands of Chileans who resettled across Canada and around the globe, The Refugee Hotel explores Canada’s ability to accept, support and embrace refugees as new citizens.

*Performed in English with Spanish-language subtitles*